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Updated: 12/16/2021 link


The vast majority of our prominent brand imagery falls into one of four categories: Epic scale; Proud experts; Modern facilities; Our impact. These large concepts are broad enough to encapsulate many ideas and stories of what we bring to the world. 

Epic scale

We are proud of our scale, size, and reach. We are a confidant global leader and this should be reflected in our photography.

Proud experts

With a dedicated workforce of over 70,000 employees, we should demonstrate our wide range of skills, expertise, and backgrounds whenever possible.

Modern facilities

We focus on innovative upstream and downstream technologies that make our resources and products more accessible, useful, sustainable, and competitive.

Our impact

We show the impact of our energy and the opportunities it creates. This includes personal opportunities for our employees and citizens in the communities we serve. This also includes broader opportunities for our partners and customers. To select images, that showcase our impact, focus on scenes in which energy and our sub-products feature.

Technical direction

Photographic excellence in lighting, composition, and resolution reflects our status as a technology leader.

Natural light and contrast.
Natural backlighting.
Warm tonality.
Interesting cropping.
Natural saturation.
Shallow to medium depth of field.
Shot under normal circumstances.
Interesting angles.

Image selection

In certain situations we use stock photography. Follow the criteria below to ensure stock photographs align with our standards. Technical specifications have been set to keep our photography library consistent and easy to use for everyone.

Stock photography selection criteria
  • Must fit within our image guidance, including the four principles of our photography.
  • Focus on an image that tells a story.
  • Always obtain the required image rights.
  • Source pictures should be at least 300 dpi resolution — that is, 2,700 x 3,600 pixels.
  • Formats should be one of the following: high-resolution JPEG(.jpg), TIFF (.tif), or RAW files.
  • Users should not rename the image file; consistent naming helps to track images and usage.
  • Users should not edit or alterphotographs, e.g., merging two images, using staged filters...etc.

Things to avoid

Don’t use desaturation.
Don’t use staged imagery.
Don’t intentionally force the Aramco color palette into imagery.
Don’t use imagery endorsing violence.
Don’t use filters (sepia, desaturated, etc).
Don’t use Black and White imagery, except in the case of referencing our heritage.
Do not shoot the image too tightly. Allow for cropping in post-production.
Don’t use artificial lens flares.