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Updated: 12/26/2021 link


For use with JVs, prospects and initiatives involving Saudi Aramco and only are other companies / partners, when brand attribution is desired for the Saudi Aramco brand.

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Learn how to place a co-brand partner.


The partner logo can be placed to the right or left of our logo.

Line specifications

The line size should be height divided by 3 points (pt) and the line color should SA Dark gray.

Clear space

The minimum clear space around the Aramco logo and the partner logo should be half the size of the energy burst symbol. When placing the partner logo make sure there is a 1 point line between the two logos with a clear space of half the height of the symbol on each side.

Miminum Size

To ensure legibility when the logo and qualifier are used together, the  minimum size of the Aramco logo is the 8 millimeters (mm) in print and 32 pixels (px) on screen.