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Energy lines arrow_forward

Updated: 12/26/2021 link


Our energy lines show the dynamism of our people, resources, and ideas. They can also represent moving forward. They activate communications and amplify the unseen energy around us. Through these kinetic graphic lines interacting with photography and illustrations, we bring energy to life in subjects and stories.
Energy Lines
Download our energy lines in the .PDF format.

Telling stories with energy

Choosing the correct image to support the story you want to tell is important for bringing energy to life. The same story can be told in many different ways. Likewise, the same image can be used to tell different stories. Energy lines play a critical role in defining the narrative.

Original image
Story: focus on people

The energy lines actively draw focus on our dedication, collaboration, and knowledge of our employees.

Story: focus on resources

The energy lines actively draw focus on our resources and impact.


For images that may require a unique solution not found in our library of energy lines, please follow the rules below to create your custom solution. Be sure to send to Corporate Identity reviewers before submitting final work. Custom energy lines should only be developed by professional graphic designers.

Step 1

Create two separate lines using the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator.

Step 2

Apply the following lines specifications:

Line 1 stroke must be 2 pt. with Uniform Width Profile, and Basic Brush Definition. <br> Line 2 stroke must be 1 pt. with Width Profile Width Profile, and Basic Brush Definition.

Step 3

Use the blend tool with the following blend options: Spacing must be 18 Specified Steps with the orientation selected to create 20 lines.

Step 4

Select two points of each line, the lines in between were created automatically.

Watch Video
Learn how to apply energy lines.



The energy lines can be white or one of SA Grays depending on the background.
On lighter backgrounds, darker colors can also be used; and on darker backgrounds, lighter colors should be used.
Lines should interact with natural light and shadow principles.
Energy lines should tell a story and must reflect how we bring energy to life. For example, the energy lines are conveying motion.
Transparency of a maximum 20% is allowed.
The flow is always made with 20 lines.
Transparency of a maximum 20% is allowed.
When applying the energy lines, ensure the image has enough space.

Incorrect use

Do not use standalone energy lines as a decorative element. The energy lines should have a purpose.
Do not change the line weights or spacing.
Do not use exactly 20 lines to create a flow.
Do not use small energy lines in relation to the whole scene.
Do not show the end of the energy lines.
Do not use more than one set of energy lines in the same scene.
Do not let the energy lines interfere with headlines or any other content.
Do not use colors or gradient on the energy lines.

Energy lines animation

Motion principles
The flow should always start from the main subject on the scene and flows towards the farthest edges of the screen or artwork.
All lines in the flow should move together.
Energy lines should be always in context and represent the energy of our people, resources and ideas.
Flow should be uniform and smooth.
Energy lines can reach maximum of 20% transparency from its original opacity.
Each flow is made with 20 lines.
Energy lines should be used once on each scene.
Energy lines should be only used in pictures or illustrations.