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Logo Legibility arrow_forward

Updated: 12/12/2021 link

Light and dark backgrounds

Our logos always need to be legible for recognition. In our visual identity, we use a range of images and backgrounds against which our logos need to stand out. To ensure this is possible, each of our logos has positive and reverse versions. When placing a logo on an image, compare its lightness with the appropriate column below to choose correct version.

Colored backgrounds

When any Aramco logos are placed on our brand colors, the reverse version should be used, except for yellow, white or light gray backgrounds.

Things to avoid

Our logo is our most recognizable brand identifier. It conveys our core essence. Every part of our logo has been specifically designed and constructed. It must never be altered.

Do not place the logo on an angle.
Do not skew, distort, rotate, stretch or add any effect on the logo, e.g., 3D, shadow, etc.
Do not alter the proportions of the logo.
Do not create one-color variations.
Do not place the institutional and global market-facing logos on the same composition.
Do not change the logos or symbol opacity.
Do not enclose our logo.
Do not place our logo, wordmark, or symbol on background that doesn’t provide enough contrast.